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Private Lessons



$60.00 per 30 minute lesson. Private lessons are for the adult or child who needs or desires privacy with the full attention of the instructor. Learning is fast and less stressful as each drill, activity and discussion is professionally designed for you.

5 Privates Package : $275.00  (5 x 30 minutes at $55 each)

10 Privates Package : $500.00 (10 x 30 minutes at $50 each)

We require you to pay in advance/upfront when booking a private.



Swim Team Stroke Improvement

For children on a swim team who still have not mastered the strokes. Most coaches do nohave time to work on strokes so swimmers need individual stroke work to improve.




Swim stroke improvement. An athlete may be good at running and cycling but average or poor at swimming. Private lessons can improve the swimming very quickly through stroke technique



Children with Pool at Home

Perhaps your children are not afraid of the water and do not want to take swim lessons but you feel they need to learn proper and efficient strokes.



Special Needs Adults and Children

SwimTastic works in, conjunction with the Halberg Disability sport Foundation; to help provide all young people, regardless of their ability, equal opportunity to enhance their lives through sport. Our warm water, privacy and specifically trained Instructors, help make the lessons more enjoyable.



Children or Adults with a Hang-up

Often a little hang-up or fear can prevent keeping pace with friends and others. Overcoming these fears will produce a great feeling of accomplishment.



To book a private please contact us at reception or send us an email. Please note privates are subject to availability of the facility and the instructor/s.