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About SwimTastic

Swim School

SwimTastic is an ability based swim school designed to challenge swimmers of all levels and abilities. We offer lessons for children from 6 months old through to adults. The swim school is run by Mark Bone and Nathan Richmond. Mark brings over thirty years of swim coaching and teaching experience. He has been a swim coach at the highest level, having been the national swim coach of New Zealand for 10 years, and has a great understanding of the development of swimming skills through to an elite level. Nathan is a former Olympian and world class triathlete, with great understanding of the sport of swimming both as a coach and a top level athlete.

Together Mark and Nathan have hand-picked and trained the staff to ensure they deliver a high quality service. SwimTastic boasts a team of staff that enjoy what they do to deliver the programme in a fun engaging way, ensuring maximum individual progress.

SwimTastic has gained a reputation for offering quality service in swim teaching that provides value long after the classes end. Our goal is to Provide Swim Excellence.



SwimTastic Pools

Both pools have a change of depth across the width of the pool, with the deeper lanes used for more advanced levels and for teaching water safety across all levels of the program.


Teaching Pool

  • 8m x 4m with a teaching ledge around the pool
  • Caters for babies, pre-schoolers, and young swimmers
  • Depth goes across the pool from 750mm - 900mm
  • Water Temperature 33.0oC

25m Pool

  • 25m x 12m (5 Lanes)
  • Advanced swimmers and adults
  • Depth goes across the pool from 900mm to 1200mm
  • Water Temperature 30.9oC


Excellent Water Quality

To deliver the best possible water quality SwimTastic operates a UV system, which allows us to keep the water clean with lower but more effective chlorine levels. In addition we enforce a mandatory swim cap policy to improve the hygiene standard of our pools.