40 minute lessons: Cost: $21.00 per lesson (paid termly)

Mini Squad Bronze
Lesson Duration: 40 Minutes

Preliminary introduction to training and the benefits of group swimming.

Mini Squad Silver
Lesson Duration: 40 Minutes

Training and stroke refinement within a group environment. Emphasis is on Breaststroke and Butterfly.

Mini Squad Gold
Lesson Duration: 40 Minutes

Continued development of training etiquette. Emphasis is on Medley swimming, starts and turns.

Lesson Duration: 40 Minutes

Emphasis on endurance training, covering all strokes, starts and turns.

1 hour Classes: Cost: $21.50 per lesson (paid termly)

Lesson Duration: 1 Hour

Entry level training squad covering all competitive strokes, starts and turns, with instruction conducted from the poolside. Training sets, aerobic conditioning and technique. In this squad, swimmers will need to have their own set of hand paddles, which are also used in the Junior Stingrays and Stingrays.

Junior Stingrays & Stingrays, Mantarays
Lesson Duration: 1 Hour

Formal training squad covering all competitive strokes, starts and turns. The final stage to encourage competitive swimming.