Cost: $20.00 per lesson (paid termly)

Real Beginner
Lesson Duration: 30 Minutes
3:1 Ratio

From the frightened-of-water stage to reluctance to put their heads under. Introduction to floating, breath-control and arm and leg movement. Reinforcement of water safety and survival. Emphasis will first be on getting used to being in the water and water being on the face. We teach skills for freestyle, backstroke, treading water and more. Enjoyable activities including picking up rings, kickboard races etc. Each child is treated with age and skill appropriate activities. Most children at this stage learn very quickly.


Beginner 2
Lesson Duration: 30 Minutes
4:1 Ratio

Development of rolling from front to back, rolling to breathe, further independence with backstroke, and introduction to dolphin wriggles.


Lesson Duration: 30 Minutes
5:1 Ratio

For children who can swim a little but are not confident in breathing. We review basic strokes and teach freestyle, backstroke, diving off side, survival float and more. A strong emphasis will be on stroke efficiency and correct technique. Children learn fast and are proud of what they can now perform.


Lesson Duration: 30 Minutes
6:1 Ratio

Stroke and technique refinement in freestyle, backstroke plus an introduction to breaststroke and butterfly. Swimmers in this level are expected to be able to swim 15m freestyle and they will be challenged up to 25m.


Improver Advanced
Lesson Duration: 30 Minutes
7:1 Ratio

Refinement of technique in all strokes, and building stamina. A swimmer at this level is expected to be able to swim 20m Freestyle. This level is the last 30 minute class before swimmers move into the 45 minute squads. To prepare swimmers for the squads swimmers are extended over 50m repeats to help build their stamina.