Implementing our New Bookings System  

As previously indicated SwimTastic was looking to move to a perpetual bookings system. During this downtime, we have upgraded software, developed a perpetual model based on your feedback and are pleased to announce that we can now move to this new system: Perpetual by Term. 

What does Perpetual by Term mean and
How does it work?

This model is a combination of both our Term and perpetual models.  

There are 4 Terms per year with holiday breaks between each Term. Our Terms dates will coincide with the NZ primary school calendar.

When you enrol for a class you secure your space removing the hassle of re-booking each term whilst giving you the flexibility to have breaks over the school holiday period. 

Please be aware that at this time there is no clear indication when Term 2 will end, but we believe it is still to be running until Sunday, July 5th.  



You will be billed monthly through direct debits for your classes. When the school holiday break occurs, our monthly billing will be automatically paused for the school holiday period.  

Setting up your Direct Debit is simple.  Just login to your SwimTastic account and add the bank account details you would like to use for payment. 

Alternatively, if you would like to book through reception we have attached a direct debit form. Please fill this out and return it allowing us to make bookings for you. 



The new monthly system allows you to register for the class you want and then you keep this spot until your swimmer is ready to move up. 


Accelerated progression:  Previously swimmers would need to wait until the end of the term to move up. Now assessments will be done continuously allowing swimmers to move up, on an accelerated basis. 


When your swimmer is ready to move up you will receive a notice from SwimTastic outlining the new level you will need. From there you will be able to choose an available spot at the new level and make the transfer by speaking with reception.


School Holidays 

Yes, we will still run programs over the holiday period. You will receive an email notification when these open for booking.  With these courses, you will need to make full payment at the time of booking.